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ella elephant (played by sharon jones states "i'm not leaving the group, just wanting to explore some solo material that i've been working on in the zoo".  yup, ella will go into the studio with producer steven bernstein this spring to record her very own solo album to be released in summer of 2009. stay tuned for more. 

mingus is on tour and comes home on christmas eve. just before he goes to bed, the bass playing mouse realizes he forgot to get his mom a gift for xmas. he goes to bed and dreams a thousand dreams about what to get her until he wakes up on xmas morning to realize the best gifts are from the heart. the book and accompanying cd are priceless. best gift for mom ever. dig it here.

congratulations to us! baby loves jazz's greatest hits was just named the gold medal winner for "best children's recording of 2007" by the national association of parenting publications - the most prestigious award in kids music! having claimed the "american librarian's association" award for best cd of 2006 we think it's pretty clear - baby really does love jazz!

the first of two new blj videos set to premiere in your noggin this december. click here to view this amazing new video by the award winning animator joseph krzemienski.

baby loves jazz greatest hits volume 1 & 2 was released on september 4th through our very own record label - baby loves music! the specially priced ($16.99) set comes with 2 cds, 47 songs, a baby loves jazz poster and a coloring sheet too! the music is made up of our favorite songs from the deep baby loves jazz song book. a must have for fans big and small. order it now.

hooray for us! baby loves jazz's debut recording "go baby go" was just awarded the american library association's prestigious "notable children's recording of the year" award and was the only music recording to win the honor this year! (with over 500 entrants). go baby go!

let the baby loves jazz band guide your child through a few simple lessons on the piano, the drums, the bass, the trumpet and the baritone sax. extra credit comes watching the wheels on the bus and happy and ya know it.>

my two kids were down with baby einstein but when i played jazz records (yes records!) they really got smart. so i merged my two worlds of at-home-dad by day and music-industry guy by night and the result was baby loves jazz. sure the kids are going to love the music (they love most everything right?) but the not-so-secret-secret here is that mommy and daddy are gonna dig it too. no surprise - the baby loves band is made up of some of the finest musicians in the world including sharon jones, john medeski, steven bernstein, babi floyd, john ellis, aaron goldberg, omer avital, ali jackson and miles griffith and many more.

the band's debut recording "go baby go" is out on verve records and a whole series of books will be released (with educational cds attached too!) on penguin as well. and all of that is a bonus to a dad like me, but really, the ultimate reward is that both of my boys not only love the music, but they now use the word "jazz" in their vocabulary and even request it when they're in the mood.

so that's the story. baby loves jazz, and folks, i'm not talking about that ken burns museum jazz - in 2006 there's a whole new generation of young players taking this music to a whole new level - many of them are featured on these recordings. the music is alive and kicking - if you want to check for yourself we recommend getting into band's like MMW, the bad plus, sex mob, charlie hunter, sharon jones and others listed on this site. okay. feel free to let me know your thoughts. andy loves thoughts.
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